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What is end-to-end encryption and how does it work?
03-12-2018 11:38:36
We have released version 3.0 of OpenPGPjs, an open source OpenPGP library
03-12-2018 11:38:23
International User Accounts Swept Up in Chinese iCloud Data Migration
01-11-2018 11:33:14
FBI is 'moving towards' predictive cybercrime-fighting tools, assistant director says - Cyberscoop
02-18-2017 20:25:52
All the Ways Your Wi-Fi Router Can Spy on You | Nextgov
09-04-2016 17:03:33
Dutch Police has Seized Two #VPN Servers, But Without Explaining... Why?… #infosec #privacy
09-03-2016 13:13:49
New Bank Privacy Tool Exposes Opaque, Possibly Illegal Sharing Policies
08-30-2016 02:34:56
Surprise! Scans Suggest Hackers Put IMSI-Catchers All Over Defcon
08-13-2016 20:50:51
Protecting Your Privacy in Safari for OS X El Capitan
08-05-2016 22:44:44
Privacy Activists Launch Database to Track Global Sales of Surveillance Tech
08-01-2016 23:59:48
New database aims to track the global surveillance industry
08-01-2016 23:33:56
The RCMP Is Trying to Sneak Facial and Tattoo Recognition Into Canada
07-31-2016 22:37:40
Most Brits Don’t Want Snoopers’ Charter – Report
07-31-2016 19:19:54
Firm pays $950,000 penalty for using Wi-Fi signals to secretly track phone users | Ars Technica
06-25-2016 14:04:50
The Hacker News retweeted: STOP Rule 41 — #FBI should not get Legal Power to #Hack Computers Worldwide…
06-25-2016 13:49:28